The crises of the moment have brought out the best in New Yorkers: Our compassion, resilience, ingenuity, and courage. Building on that spirit, Remaking NYC highlights how the people of New York are working to create communities of equity, progress, and dignity.



A city is the collective dream of the people who live in it.

- Liana Finck

In just five months, New York has experienced a loss of 1.25 million total jobs. New Yorkers hit hardest by unemployment are low-wage workers, persons of color, and those with low-levels of education working primarily in face to face industries.


Remaking NYC considers the urgent responses necessary to ease the economic hardship for New Yorkers, and how to rebuild an inclusive economy. Our authors call for greater federal assistance for workers and state and local governments, increased wages and worker protections, expanded safety net benefits, and support for small businesses and subsidized jobs programs.

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